DJR Greens' Tuff 1983 Limited Edition Print Signed by Dick Johnson

DJR Greens’ Tuff 1983 Limited Edition Print Signed by Dick Johnson

This print comes framed (51 x 40 cm).

Available to ship from 1st March 2022.

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Thirty years ago, the Shootout – then known as Hardies Heroes – was run on Saturday morning and ended up featuring one of the biggest crashes in Bathurst history. Queensland star Dick Johnson was letting it all hang out in his #17 Greens’-Tuf Falcon XE as he chased pole position for the James Hardie 1000. He power-slid the big Ford onto Conrod Straight, only to tag the wall with the right rear of the big V8. The contact broke the steering, and when the screaming 351 cubic inches Falcon landed, it spat itself straight off the road at high speed through the trees, destroying itself as it ploughed through the scenery. The accident in Hardies Heroes at Bathurst completely decimated the car, with the crew able to salvage the engine, gearbox – oh, and the horn button and ignition key! But the car’s roll cage held up and allowed Johnson to escape with little more than a cut over his eye, a sore neck and temporary amnesia.

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